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亚洲城手机版网页登录 A two-day workshop on OpenSees sponsored by NEES and PEER.

亚洲城手机版网页登录September 25-26, 2014

University of California, Richmond Field Station

Day 1 : Getting Started

  1. OpenSees Basic Presentations, Frank Mckenna
  2. NEEShub Introduction, Anup Mohan
  3. BuildingTcl, Dr Silvia Mazzoni

Day 2 : Modeling in OpenSees


  1. Geotechnical Modeling, Prof. Pedro Arduino
  2. Geotechnical Examples Using OpenSees, Prof. Pedro Arduino


  1. Frame Elements, Prof. Michael Scott
  2. Modeling Steel Moment Frames, Prof. Dimitrios Lignos
  3. Modeling Concrete Moment Frames, Dr. Silvia Mazzoni
  4. Modeling Concrete Shear Walls, Prof Laura Lowes.
  5. Seismic Isolation and Viscous Dmaping, Dr. Andreas Schellenberg.

Source Code

to view examlples:

to download examples use svn (try TortoiseSVN if on windows): svn co svn:// OpenSeesDays