Elastic Orthotropic Material

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亚洲城手机版网页登录This command is used to construct an ElasticOrthotropic material object.

nDMaterial ElasticOrthotropic $matTag $Ex $Ey $Ez $vxy $vyz $vzx $Gxy $Gyz $Gzx <$rho>

$matTag integer tag identifying material
$Ex, $Ey, $Ez elastic modulii in three mutually perpendicular directions (x, y, and z)
$vxy, $vyz, $vzx Poisson's ratios
$Gxy, $Gyz, $Gzx shear modulii
$rho mass density, optional default = 0.0.

The material formulations for the ElasticOrthotropic object are "ThreeDimensional", "PlaneStrain", "Plane Stress", "AxiSymmetric", "BeamFiber", and "PlateFiber".

Code Developed by: Micheal Scott, Oregon State University